IsoMetrix provides an open and egalitarian culture in which performance is rewarded and office politics is discouraged. We strive to build a team culture in which we set each other up for success, praise achievements and provide criticism in an open and constructive way.

Whether you are an experienced executive or young starter in the company, you stand in the same lunch queue and use the same parking bays. IsoMetrix is a meritocracy and welcomes people from all backgrounds, ages and nationalities. We see strength in diversity and promote tolerance and acceptance of others in everything we do.

Everyone at IsoMetrix shares the same DNA:

Do the right thing

Do the Right Thing

We act with integrity and endeavor to treat our customers, our suppliers, and our fellow staff members how we ourselves would want to be treated.

Embrace ideas

Embrace Ideas

Innovation has been the cornerstone of our success to date. We need to continue to innovate so that we are a better company each month than the month before. We encourage ideas from everyone in the team, from how to improve our technology to how to make the staff lunches better, so that the business we do and projects we embark on are sustainable.

Own it

Own It!

We are people who take responsibility seriously and own problems until they are solved, who respond to emails and phone calls, and believe that passing the buck is something you do in a game reserve!

Think beyond

Think Beyond

We encourage our team not only to think beyond the obvious, and come up with creative and innovative ideas for how we can better serve our customers, but we also need to think beyond the short term and ensure that the business we do and projects we embark on are sustainable.

Win together

Win Together

IsoMetrix staff are team players. We believe in working in partnership with our customers, our suppliers and each other to ensure that in everything we do good business is achieved, benefitting all parties involved.