Case Study: EnviroServ Waste Management implements IsoMetrix HSEQ Managment

Customer: EnviroServ

Raising the waste game – with numerous components to the company’s business including management of hazardous waste; waste beneficiation; and recycling, and with expansion scheduled into Mozambique, Angola and Uganda, it was essential for EnviroServ to have a central point from which to drive the business’s SHEQ initiatives.

Case Study: Metorex implements IsoMetrix Risk Management


The flexibility offered by IsoMetrix proved a deciding factor for Metorex. Not only could the software handle the company’s core requirements around Safety, Health, Environment and Community management, but it could be easily configured to accommodate corporate Risk Management requirements as well.

Case Study: Golder UK gets bespoke IsoMetrix Stakeholder Management

Customer: Golder

In the period of three weeks, three staff members from IsoMetrix developed and implemented a bespoke solution which was able to address all of Golder UK’s requirements without having to send any resources to the United Kingdom—the entire project was completed from South Africa.

Case Study: Transnet Freight Rail uses IsoMetrix Quality Management

Customer: Transnet Freight Rail

IsoMetrix has created a single platform for all the management systems applicable to Transnet Freight Rail. It is a tool which formalises management systems, documentation and records and co-ordinates and monitors activities relating to the various risk disciplines.